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An Engineering &
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We Gauron E&C, have a proud history as one of the most prominent construction and engineering companies with over six years of success behind us. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the integrity of our people.


Architectural & Civil Engineering


Pipeline Engineering


Plant & Industrial Engineering


Heavy Lifting & Logistics

Engineering Integrity

At Gauron E&C, we are committed to maintain the highest standards of ethics and compliance with local laws wherever we do business. Ethical integrity is as vital to us as the engineering integrity of our projects.

We never stop accepting challenges to push the envelope

It takes time. We cultivate trust through long- term relationships—with clients, partners and communities. And we cultivate it by upholding the highest standards of safety, quality, and cost management. We cultivate it, too, by assuming responsibility for every phase of our work—from conception to completion — and by caring deeply about our impact on our clients, our communities and the future.

Architectural & Civil Engineering2

Architectural & Civil Engineering

We build attractive, comfortable, environmentally friendly places for people to live and raise their families — homes are designed to use less energy, to harmonize with the beauty of natural surroundings and to preserve local resources

Pipeline Engineering

Gauron E&C can transport any fluid through Pipeline from wherever to everywhere!

White Fuel tanks

Tank Terminal

Gauron has a very competent team for carrying out feasibility, required pretests, designing, fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of carbon steel tanks for any fluid- white Oil, Black Oil, Edible oil, water and chemicals.

Plant and Industrial Engineering

Gauron E&C holds a team of engineers containing Civil, electrical, mechanical engineers and architects which is much competent to build up a new plant and modify an existing plants.

Nothing Too High, Nothing Too Heavy

Nothing too high, Nothing too heavy is our motto. Our engineers calculate and simulate the loads to be carried and transported and take required actions accordingly.

Renewable Energy

Gauron E&C is beware to utilize the renewable energy (Solar Energy) for home appliances, agricultural appliances as well as for industrial appliances.

Supply Chain Management

Gauron is specialized in supply chain. Besides its own required materials. Gauron also supplies materials in different construction projects in the country. The followings are the item that we supply through out the country.


Do You Have A Project? Let Us Help..

We serve diverse clients ranging from small businesses to large companies and we offer both short and long-term contracts.